CECS Student Development Grant

Grant Information

Do you want to develop leadership skills, professional competencies and research capability?

The CECS Student Development Grant will support students participating in recognised and acceptable co-curricular and extra-curricular professional and/or personal development opportunities. The grant will provide up to $2,500 funding towards conference attendance, workshops and relevant professional attainments. 

**Important Note** - This grant will not be awarded for the purposes of providing additional "spending money" for an opportunity this is otherwise being funded by another source (e.g. a scholarship, a project supervisor, etc.).


  • Must be an active coursework student in the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the time of application and when the identified professional development opportunity is undertaken.
  • No residency requirements: domestic or international.
  • Satisfactory academic progress and not breached the university’s academic integrity requirements.
  • Must have completed a minimum of 96 units of undergraduate coursework or 48 units of postgraduate coursework.

Please note: you can only receive the grant once as part of your current academic career. The grant can be awarded concurrently with other prizes/scholarships, but not with other student experience grants awarded by the College (e.g. with the Student Experience Seed Fund, the CECS Student Mobility Grant).

Application Deadline

Round 1 (Semester 1): 5 April 2019

Round 2 (Winter): 26 May 2019

Round 3 (Semester 2): 12 August 2019

Round 4 (Summer): 1 December 2019

Application Instructions

Please submit your application using our online application form.

Please note, you may be required to attend an interview or provide additional details about the opportunity you've identified.

In your application, you will need to provide:

  • Details about the event (i.e. type of event, date, location, your role in the opportunity you've identified).
  • Justification of the funds required (including an itemised list of expenses - e.g. accommodation/travel booking receipts - and a declaration of whether additional funds have been sought/awarded for this opportunity from another source and if so, how much).
  • Explanation clarifying how the opportunity will benefit you and contribute to your professional/personal development (max. 300 words).
  • Explanation clarifying how you believe your participation in the identified opportunity will directly or indirectly benefit CECS students and/or the College (max. 300 words)
  • A written statement of support from an academic member of staff (e.g. a project supervisor, convenor of a course that is related/relevant to the opportunity you've identified, a formal/informal academic mentor, etc.) that confirms the opportunity you've identified (and your participation in that opportunity) is legitimate, that your participation in the opportunity is likely to assist you in achieving your personal/professional goals (as per your statement above) and clearly detailing how further funds will be provided to fully fund the experience (if applicable). This letter of support must be emailed to studentadmin.cecs@anu.edu.au

Application closing date

22 December 2019
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