Changes to UG Computing Degree Rules

3.45pm Monday 14 November 2016

Changes to Computer Science curriculum impacting on students in Computer Science Degrees

Following extensive consultation and consideration, the Research School of Computer Science has amended the degree requirements and a number of compulsory courses for all of its degrees from 2017. While changes to the degree rules are unlikely to impact many current students, changes to courses offered in the following single and double degrees may:

Bachelor of IT -BIT

Bachelor of Software Engineering(Honours)- BSEng

Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Honours)- BAC

Bachelor of Advanced Computing (R&D)(Hons)-BAC(R&D)

Bachelor of Science major in Computer Science

Important things to note:
Which degree rules apply to me?

Current students will continue with the same degree rules as they commenced – students will generally not have the option to change to the new rules.
Students who transfer degrees may be able to continue under the old or new rules, depending on how far into their degree they are - special dispensation may be granted to students in their first semester or year who have completed little of their current computing (incl comp/maths/stats/engn) degree requirements to follow the new rules. 
Students should email Student Services if they need advice or confirmation

The new rules have been published on ANU Programs and Courses but study plans are yet to be updated and no transition information is listed.

Some Significant Changes:

- Some courses have been replaced by other courses(see below). Note that you will not be disadvantaged by these changes – the new courses will count against old degree rules and vice-versa:

                -COMP1510 is discontinued and BSE students take COMP1110 or COMP1140 instead

                -COMP2130 will be replaced by COMP2120 in 2018

                -COMP2600 is replaced by COMP1600*(Additional information below)

                -COMP2500 is discontinued and students in BSngE take COMP2100 instead

                -COMP3100 is discontinued and students take COMP3500 instead

-The maths courses required for the BSEng and BAC have changed:

  • students take MATH1005 with MATH1013/1014 being optional
  • a number of majors have been replaced for new students.

- COMP3530, COMP3120, COMP3100, ENGN1211, MGMT3027 and STAT1003/STAT1008 are no longer required in the BAC or the BAC(R&D) program rules. Where these courses are no longer being offered (e.g. with COMP3500), students will be required to take the new prescribed course. 

- There is now a compulsory specialisation requirement for the BAC.

- Current students in all Computer Science degrees (i.e. BIT, BSEng, BAC and BAC (R&D)) may be eligible to complete the new Majors and/or Specialisations as part of their degree, provided doing so does not require an extension of the program in order to accommodate it. 

*Does COMP1600 count as a first year course now?
Yes, COMP1600 will count as a first year course however, where this causes a student to do more than the allowable number of 1000 level courses (eg 60u in a single degree), the College will permit the additional 1000 level course. Where students believe this might impact on them, they should contact the College for advice and approval.

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