Employment Opportunities: Protocol Engineer and Machine Learning Engineer

The following opportunities with Unswot are available for third year CECS students:

  • Protocol Engineer

Comfortable working with Golang.
Prior experience working with building and designing networking protocols on a minimum of two of the specified distributed systems topologies (peer to peer, client-server, mesh network).
Prior experience working with systems containing Byzantine/potentially malicious clients (games, financial applications, etc.).
Intermediate level understanding of probabilistic/discrete data structures to engineer and work with embedded databases (RocksDB, LevelDB, etc.).
Beginner level understanding of cryptography/discrete mathematics (pre-image resistance, hash collisions, Diffie-Hellman key exchange, RSA, cyclic finite groups, discrete logarithm dilemma, etc.).
Code portfolio and interview required.


  • Machine Learning Engineer

Comfortable working with Python and Golang, PyTorch/ Keras/ TensorFlow. Comfortable with working on basic networking I/O (HTTP, TCP, etc.).
Prior experience working with interfacing different languages for production deployment of software (hoisting Python code in Golang, Python code in Java, etc.) in-proc, embedded, through sockets, or through other means available.
Prior experience programming feasible replicas of models from published machine learning papers dealing with intermediate level of knowledge on deep neural networks, convolutional neural networks, or Bayesian statistical models.
Minimal understanding of statistics/topology to understand the basis around optimizing the parameters of models through first-order optimization methods (law of large numbers, ensembling models, etc.).
Code portfolio and interview required.

To apply for these positions please contact: dorjee@unswot.com

Application closing date

31 May 2018
Applications open for this opportunity: 
1 May 2018
Study level: 

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