Posters presented at ISSISP.

A Three-tier IDS via Machine Learning Approach Po-Feng Chang (National Chiao Tung University)
AFL at Scale Maggi Sebastian (Australian National University)
AI Guided Corpus Generation for Fuzzing Xing Yu (Australian National University)
Automatic Security Detection for WiFi Hotspots Using Portable Analyzer Yen-Chun Liu, Shin-Ming Cheng (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
Deep Learning for Malicious Flow Detection Wei Chieh Tsen, Yu Wei Chang (National Taiwan University)
Feature extraction from passive DNS analysis Wei-Cheng Lin (National Chiao Tung University), Yi-Ren Yeh (National Kaohsiung Normal University), Yuh-Jye Lee (National Chiao Tung University)
Generating Snort Signatures based on Honeypots for Industrial Control Systems Tsung-Chiao Yu, Jyun-Yao Huang (National Chung Hsing University), I-En Liao (National Chung Hsing University)
Grammar Learning through Symbolic Execution Aditya Agarwal (Australian National University)
Kajura: Binary Correlation and Search Framework Matheson Ramsey (Defence Science and Technology Group)
Leaking Information from Memory for Pwning using Meltdown Yen-Ta Lin, Shin-Ming Cheng (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
S2E Input Grammar Generation Yu Xia (Australian National University)
Software Defect Description Language: Describing the Behaviour of Software Defects Joel Zerna (Defence Science and Technology Group)