Anh Bui

Anh Bui is a PhD Candidate at The Australian National University in Australia. He finished his Undergraduate course Vietnam National University, Hanoi Vietnam in 2016 with major of Chemistry, and his Master course University of Science and Technology, South Korea in 2019 with major of Material Science. Currently, Anh is working on the fabrication and characterization of thin film solar cells. 

ENGN4524 Photovoltaic Technologies

ENGN4548 Wind energy

-Fabrication and characterization of thin film solar cells.

-Materials for conversion and storage energy.


LiI-doped sulfide solid electrolyte: enabling a high-capacity slurry-cast electrode by low-temperature post-sintering for practical all-solid-state lithium batteries:

Origin of the Outstanding Performance of Dual Halide Doped Li7P2S8X (X = I, Br) Solid Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries:

Contactless and Spatially Resolved Determination of Current−Voltage Curves in Perovskite Solar Cells via Photoluminescence:

Electrical properties of perovskite solar cells by illumination intensity and temperature-dependent photoluminescence imaging:

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