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406 person

Namesort descending Position Area Email / Phone
Mr Jeff Fisher Phd student, Associate Lecturer Data Mining & Matching
Mr Alvaro Flores PhD Student Planning and Optimisation
Miss Xiao Fu PhD Student Photovoltaics
+61 2 6125 5538
Dzikri Fudholi Masters Student
Zelio Fusco
Ms Ankita Gagrani PhD Student Composite Materials, Nanomaterials, Energy Storage
Mr Michael Gao PhD Student Nanomaterials
+61 2 612 57022
Mr Isaac Gariano Honours Student
Dr Gary Ge Honorary Lecturer Knowledge Representation & Reasoning
+61 2 612 58833
Wenbo Ge PhD Student
Mr Mohsen Goodarzi PhD Student Photovoltaics
Mr Siraj Gowthman Srilakshmi u/grad in Lab Robotics
Mr Dale Grant PhD Student Photovoltaics
Mr Lin Gu PhD Candidate Computer Vision
+61 2 6267 6285
Mr Iain Guilliard PhD Student Intelligent Agents
Mr Hendra Gunadi PhD student Logic
+61 2 612 58833
Mr Edison Guo PhD student Machine Learning
+61 2 612 53139
Ms Jing Guo PhD Student Communications
+61 2 612 57667
Miss Lin Guo Summer Scholar
Mr Kartik Gupta PhD Student Computer Vision
Mr Mustafa Habib PhD Student Solar Thermal
+61 4 23942764
Ms Ingrid Haedrich PhD Student Photovoltaics
Mr Youssef Hafiz PhD Candidate Computational Mechanics
Ms Marziyeh Hamidi PhD Student Solar Thermal, Energy Storage
Ms Sara Salem Hamouda PhD Candidate High Performance Computing
+61 2 6125 9662
Mr Young Han PhD Candidate Photovoltaics
Mr Morteza Hangi PhD Candidate Solar Thermal
Mr Mohammad Hanif PhD Student Computer Vision
Mr Zeeshan Hayder PhD Student Computer Vision
Ms Sherry HE PhD Student Optical Devices, Signal Processing, Biomaterials
Mr Mina Henein PhD student Robotics
Mr Samitha Herath PhD Student
Liam Highmore Student Ambassador
Mr Md Zakir Hossain PhD Student Human-Centred Computing
+61 2 612 59662
Weiwei Hou M Phil Student
Mr Yichen Hu PhD Student Data Mining & Matching
+61 2 6125 7060
Mr Charles Hu PhD Candidate Composite Materials, Nanomaterials, Manufacturing
Mr Yonggang Hu PhD Student Acoustics and Audio
Hua Hua PhD Student
Mr Haomin Huang U/grad in Lab Robotics
Mr Meitian Huang PhD Student Algorithms
6125 3890
Hisham Husain
Masooma Iftikhar PhD Scholar Databases
Georgina Ims Student Ambassador
Ms Shama Islam PhD Student Signal Processing
Daniyar Itegulov PhD Student
Mr Franc Ivankovic PhD student Planning and Optimisation
Mr Siddharth Iyer PhD Student Solar Thermal
Mr Daniel Jacobs PhD Candidate Photovoltaics
Mr William James Honours Student


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