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345 person

Namesort descending Position Area Email / Phone
Mr Xiaoming Wu PhD Candidate
Mr Oliver Xi Honours Student Data Mining & Matching, Machine Learning
Tienan Xu PhD Candidate
Chenchen Xu PhD Student
Mr Qiongkai Xu PhD Student Machine Learning
Mr Zhiwei Xu PhD Student Computer Vision
Hansheng Xue PhD Candidate Machine Learning
Haotian Xue Honours Student
Longfei Yan PhD Candidate Audio & Acoustic Signal Processing
Linhan Yang Honours Student
Zhongshu Yang PhD Student Photovoltaics
Michael Yang PhD Student
Haodong Yao PhD Student
Mr Haolei Ye Master student, Honours student High Performance Computing
Joyce Yeoh PhD Candidate Nanomaterials, Energy Storage
Mr Leo Yiliqi U/grad using Lab Robotics
Xing Yu Honours Student
Ghodai Zaki Phd Student Databases
Mr Pavel Zakopaylo Summer Scholar, Research Assistant Programming Language Systems
Mr Mohammad Zamani PhD Student Computer Vision
Mr Tony Zeng PhD Candidate High Performance Computing
Haoyu Zhai Honours Student
Mr Frederic Zhang PhD Student Machine Learning, Computer Vision
Mr Kaihao Zhang PhD Student Computer Vision
Dr Peng Zhang Postdoctoral Fellow Knowledge Representation & Reasoning
+61 2 6125 8833
Shaojun Zhang PhD Student
Jun Zhang PhD Student
Mr Ximing Zhang Occupational Trainee Computer Vision
Zhiduo Zhang Honours Student
Mr Boyu Zhang Honours Student Databases
Mr Fengyuan Zhang PhD Candidate Solar Thermal
Mr Rui Zhang PhD Student Machine Learning
Mr Fan Zhang Occupational Trainee Nanomaterials, Energy Storage
Mr Sixue Zhao u/grad in Lab Robotics
Wenyu Zhao PhD Student Programming Language Systems
Ms Maggie Zheng MPhil Solar Thermal
Ms Yujie Zheng PhD student Optical Devices
Zhiheng Zhou Honours Student
Ms Katrina Zhou PhD Student Communications
Mr Liyuan (Joe) Zhou PhD Student Intelligent Agents
Mr Yi Zhou PhD Student Computer Vision
Miss Di Zhu PhD Student Composite Materials, Computational Mechanics
Mr Zheyu Zhuang PhD Student Robotics
Victoria Zinnecker PhD Candidate Composite Materials
Mr Huanyu Zuo PhD Student Audio & Acoustic Signal Processing


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