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Over the past half century, robots have changed the way we live and work—particularly in structured environments such as factories. However, even the most modern and sophisticated robots still cannot deal with unstructured or unpredictable environments such as farms, mines and roads.

Our research is part of the continuing robotics revolution to create next-generation robots that can function in real complex and dynamic environment.  We focus on the robotic sciences; the underpinning scientific theories behind the functionality of robots. We conduct fundamental research applicable to unmanned vehicle technologies, particularly aerial robots. For example, we explore the systems that enable autonomous navigation and 3D mapping, multi-vehicle formation control, high performance human teleoperation of remote vehicles, and aerial disaster-zone reconnaissance. One of our strengths is that we are co-located with the Computer Vision, Networked Systems and Quantum Cybernetics research areas, creating a dynamic environment that supports breakthrough interdisciplinary research.

We have cutting-edge flying facilities and rapid prototyping equipment that enable in-house manufacturing and testing of robotic systems. With exposure to the latest technologies, students can gain job-ready skills.  The establishment of an ARC Centre for Robotics Vision (ACRV) node at ANU provides student scholarships and research fellowships as well as a link with the cutting edge research in robotic vision world-wide.

Explore our available student research projects below and if you’d like to discuss opportunities for collaboration or funding, please email us.

Academic staff

Dr Piotr Koniusz »

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Professor Hongdong Li

Hongdong Li »

Professor, Computer Vision |Machine Learning |Robotics |AI , Chief Investigator for ARC CoE ACRV, IEEE T-PAMI Editor

Dr Ming Liu

Dr Ming Liu »

Research Fellow

Robert Mahony

Professor Robert Mahony »

Professor, IEEE Fellow

Jochen Trumpf

Professor Jochen Trumpf »

Professor, School of Engineering

Uwe R. Zimmer

Dr. rer. nat. Uwe R. Zimmer »

Fellow, Assoc Director (Education)


Mr Wayne Chen »

PhD student

Mr Arif Chowdhury »

PhD Student

Kevin Coelho

Kevin Coelho »

CECS Summer Research Scholar 2014/15

Mr Lachlan Deakin

Mr Lachlan Deakin »

PhD student @ Applied Maths

Mr Jack Henderson »

PhD Candidate

Mr Mina Henein »

PhD student

Mr Haomin Huang

Mr Haomin Huang »

U/grad in Lab

Mr Alireza Khosravian »

PhD Graduate, Current: Post-doc Research Associate, University of Adelaide

Soohwan Kim

Mr Soohwan Kim »

PhD Student

Changsheng Lu

Changsheng Lu »

PhD Candidate

Photo of Cedric Scheerlinck

Mr Cedric Scheerlinck AFHEA »

PhD student

Kamran Siddique

Mr Kamran Siddique »

U/grad in Lab

Geoffrey Stacey

Mr Geoffrey Stacey »

PhD student

Mark Randall Turner

Mr Mark Randall Turner »

PhD Student Part-time

Pieter van Goor profile picture

Pieter van Goor »

PhD Student

Yifu Wang »

PhD Student

Mr Lei Wang »

PhD Student

Leo Yiliqi

Mr Leo Yiliqi »

U/grad using Lab

Sixue Zhao

Mr Sixue Zhao »

u/grad in Lab

Mr Zheyu Zhuang »

PhD Student


Mr Dinuka Abeywardena

Mr Dinuka Abeywardena »

visiting PhD student

Professor Guillaume Allibert

Professor Guillaume Allibert »

Visiting Academic

You Fang »

Campus Visitor

Frits Kuipers

Frits Kuipers »

Occupational Trainee

Mr Benlian Xu »

Visiting Fellow

Technical staff

Mr Alex Martin »

Technical Officer

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