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***Available projects for S2 2021***
Additive manufacturing of aluminium alloy
Advanced Property-Based Testing Projects
AI-Driven Game Customisation
ANU Scholarly Knowledge Graph (ASKG)
Application of AI for wheat yield improvement
Automated decision-making and learning under uncertainty for Robotics: Multiple PhD Projects
Automated Reasoning for Situational Awareness
Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies
Computational Alloy Design and Discovery
Context-aware document analysis
Corrosion testing of new alloys
Creative Computing in Augmented Reality
Dark Patterns and Manipulative Design in Games
Deep Learning for Automated Planning -- Multiple Projects
Deep Learning for Graph Isomorphism (PhD scholarships available)
Diagnose COVID-19 from Cough Signals
Diagnose COVID-19 from Cough Signals
Discovering Inconsistent Data in a Dynamic World
Dynamic Knowledge Tracing
Evolutionary music making
Fast Parameter-free Clustering using Enhanced Iterative Label Spreading
Faster Decision-Theoretic Planning using Boolean-Constraint Propagation
Federated Learning for Competitive Collaboration
Footy Cyber Dreaming
Formalising Ethical Constraints in Automated Decision Making
Gameful Design and Gamification
Graph Deep Learning
Gut-microbiome to control Agricultural Insect Pests
Gut-microbiome to control Agricultural Insect Pests
Gut-microbiome to control Agricultural Insect Pests
Hardware synergistic algorithms
High-Performance Computing for Parallel Boolean SAT(isfiability) Solving
Human-AI Teaming in Games
Human-Swarm Interaction in Games/VR
Implementation of entanglement analysis to obtain topological descriptors
Improving search engine efficiency with emerging memory and storage
Infrastructure and Techniques to Accelerate Operational Weather Codes on Next-generation Supercomputers
Innovative Machine Intelligence and Cybersecurity Solutions to Safeguard the Patient Information Associated with a New Generation of Medical Devices
Interactive Music, Art, and Media
Interpretable Clustering using Distance-based Feature Importance Profiles
Is that avatar really smiling or faking it?
Knowledge Graph Modelling
Learning, Representing and Exploiting Sequential Nogoods in Planning
Machine Learning Hyper-parameter Optimisation using Semi-random Sequences
Multi-dimensional Imputation and Interpolation Methods for Materials Informatics
Music Creation with Machine Learning
Musical instruments that play along: ML for music generation, interaction, and performance
New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Novel algorithms for exascale computational chemistry


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