High Performance Computing

Raijin supercomputer

Imagine a large computer system that fails. One of the power supply units shuts down or a memory slip causes data to become corrupted. The computer might continue to operate, but it produces the wrong answer to an important question—this could be catastrophic in the case of tsunami prediction. Welcome to the realm of high-performance computing.

One of the main objectives of our research is to support large-scale scientific simulations, including highly accurate weather forecasting, flood modelling and nuclear fusion simulation. We write codes so that processors run efficiently both in terms of speed and energy consumption. We develop algorithms and run-time systems so these simulations are reliable even under system failures. We are also investigating innovative design processors for supercomputers.

Our work is motivated primarily by specific problems, and we work independently and collaboratively with other academic, industry and government organisations from Australia, the United States, China and Germany to solve them. 

Explore our available student research projects below and if you’d like to discuss opportunities for collaboration or funding, please email us

Student research projects

Research projects

Academic staff

Dr Giuseppe Barca »


Professor Amanda Barnard »

Senior Professor of Computational Science

Dr Minh Bui »


Professor John Hosking »

Honorary Professor , Adjunct

Dr Eric McCreath »

Senior Lecturer, RSCS, Sub-Dean (Academic Practice and Support), CECS, Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Honours) Convener

Dr Josh Milthorpe »

Lecturer, Research Fellow

Professor Alistair Rendell »

Professor, Research School of Computer Science

Professor Alistair Rendell »

Honorary Professor

Assoc Professor Peter Strazdins »

Associate Professor


Sara Salem Hamouda

Ms Sara Salem Hamouda »

PhD Candidate

Ali Reza Khoshkbar

Mr Ali Reza Khoshkbar »

PhD Student

Mr Haolei Ye »

Master student, Honours student

Xuezhi Zeng

Mr Tony Zeng »

PhD Candidate


Dr Rajiv Ranjan

Dr Rajiv Ranjan »

Adjunct Fellow

John A Taylor

Professor John A. Taylor »

Honorary Professor


Dr Young Lee »

Honorary Lecturer (Level B)

Technical staff

Mr Jiabin (John) Zhang »

Research Assistant


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Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

  1. Cai, J., Strazdins, P., Rendell, A., (2010). Region-Based Prefetch Techniques for Software Distributed Shared Memory Systems. In Manish Parashar and Rajkumar Buyya (eds.), IEEE/ACM International Conference on Cluster, Cloud & Grid Computing (CCGRID 2010), pp. 113–122, Melbourne Australia.
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