Human Pac-man controllers, Spanish and philosophy- all in a day!

As promised, O-Week was a blur of information sessions, free food, cool merchandise and crazy events, and for the first time I was the one giving out the information, food, merchandise and tickets!

I met a lot of new students at the College Orientation Session, the Engineering Students’ Association (ESA) Market Day stall and the ESA BBQ. I love welcoming these students to the College and listening to the reasons why they chose engineering or computer science. Some love maths, physics or coding, some love helping people or solving problems, and others just think technology is really cool and they want to be a part of that.

Between running events and talking to students, I managed to find time for barefoot bowls, the festival on Fellows Oval and a couple of nights out dancing. ANUSA finished the week with a bang at their Friday night party hosted for all students. We had four awesome bands perform. At one point Canberra band (Safia) was playing as the sun set over a stunning Canberra view at the best university in Canberra! (and Australia, of course).

The diversity of my experiences in the first two weeks of class is perfectly encapsulated by a regular day last wee.! On this particular Tuesday, I had a different class for every subject and the variety of what I study really struck me.

I started the day using alligator clips, a circuit board, the conductive capacity of eight student bodies and a whole bunch of team work, to become a human controller for an online Pac-man game.

We then formed groups for our Systems Engineering Project and discussed our Individual Research Projects. We’re looking at real problems with real clients, so it’s going to be a really exciting course! Afterwards I headed to the philosophy side of ANU for an Applied Ethics tutorial where we discussed surrogacy and parental rights, which was definitely a change of pace.

The afternoon was a mix of conjugating Spanish verbs, discussing my (unfortunately imaginary) plans to travel to Spain and listening to lectures on Bipolar Junction Transistors (they’re more exciting than they sound). The day finished with an ANUSA College Education Committee meeting where Emma and I informed other College Rep’s about what CECS was up to and discussed ways ANUSA can do things better for the student population.

The fun events didn’t end when classes started though! The College hosted a ladies lunch in the first week. Girls starting their first year (and some later year students like me and Emma) in engineering or computing came together for a meal, a chat and generally got to know one another. We also ran a Scavenger Hunt around ANU for the first year engineering students.

Tomorrow I’m off on the Science and CECS First Year Camp! We’re taking a bunch of first year students down the coast to help prepare them for life in the College and, of course, to have a lot of fun and get to know each other.

Beyond that, labs start next week, we’re starting to plan a ‘CECS in the City’ event and the ESA Careers Fair is coming up too!

Between all that, I’ve still been able to set aside time to plan a big bash for my 21st birthday, because balance is important.

See you in two weeks when I’m older, wiser and probably exhausted!

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