What happened when Engineers Australia challenged professionals to say why they chose to be an Engineer in 140 characters or less?

Students like me get inspired. We also laugh, because apparently engineers can be funny just like everyone else. Especially Chomical Engineers (hehe, see @ChomicalEng for more giggles).

The most common responses to the hashtag? Because... "I love solving problems", "I love knowing how things work" and "I want to improve the world".

They're some pretty big but unsurprising ideas coming from engineers.

For some, it's a problem.

"#IAmAnEngineerBecause I get to be creative with physics. And I love to build things. Seriously, I can't stop...Help!" @labjg

For others, it's a fashion statement.

"#IAmAnEngineerBecause I prefer overalls to a lab coat" @EngineerMinions

"Although I'm still a dirty overalls rather than clean white lab coat kinda guy" @ChomicalEngineer

For Bukayo, it's because she was given the opportunity to be whatever she could be.

"#IAmAnEngineerBecause nobody in my sphere of influence ever limited my potential or told me I couldn't. (Or, at least I will be very soon )" @HeyBukayomi

And Kristy just makes it sound damn cool.

"#IAmAnEngineerBecause an artificial heart isn't just going to grow itself. Or is it... :o" @KristyGarrick

If I had to adhere to 140 characters, I'd say:

"#IAmAnEngineer(ingStudent)Because... Engineering is unlimited. It gives you the skills to approach any problem that seems important to you. It empowers"

(That's 150, but lucky for me, this isn't twitter. I get to have a whole blog about it.)

I have friends working on projects in physics, mental health, sports, government efficiency, energy usage, water storage...and lots more. It's endless!

And now (thanks to the hashtag) we all have something to come back to if we need to be reminded about why we're working so hard. Oh, and also some funny people to follow on twitter (my favourites: @ChomicalEng and @EngineerMinions).

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