Welcome to 2015 at ANU

Welcome to the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science!

Whether you’re already at the College, a new student here or thinking of coming to ANU, you’ve started a huge and exciting journey.

Here is where you’ll read about my journey, which could be similar or very different to the one you will have. That’s the beauty of university though, it’s something that you can really make your own and I hope that by reading about the experience that I’ve created, you can start to see the experience you might have yourself.

A little about me first. I went to school here in Canberra at Radford College and I am now in my third year of a combined Bachelor of Engineering/Arts (yes, I am very aware this is not a normal combination).

When I was in high school, I had no intention of studying engineering, but now I am so grateful I changed my UAC preferences the day before they closed! Today, I couldn't imagine studying anything else. It’s an awesome combination of theory and fun, and the opportunities for meeting people through group work in class or evening social events are everywhere. You can read more about why I choose engineering at ANU in my student profile.

My courses this semester really reflect the range of subjects I get to study at ANU. For engineering, I’ll be completing Systems Electronics and Systems Engineering Design. In my arts degree I’ll be continuing my Spanish minor and completing Applied Ethics (my major in my arts degree is philosophy, so I apologise in advance if my musings get a little deep later on).

This week will be my third O-Week at ANU and each one has been a completely different experience for me. In my first year, I spent most of the week at work, blissfully unaware of all the opportunities I was missing. This is the trap that local students who don’t live on campus can easily fall in to and it’s safe to say, it wasn’t my favourite O-Week.

In my second year, I decided to give things a proper go and it completely changed my time at ANU. I learnt about so many different clubs and societies at market day, I joined a soccer team, I went to some awesome parties and I covered myself in colour at the EKTA Holi Festival (pictured). The fun lasted the whole week (as did the blue and green festival die in my blonde hair).

This year I am a College ANU Student Association (ANUSA) Rep so I’ve been lucky enough to get a behind the scenes look at O-Week and all of the different teams of people working really hard for months to pull it all together.

Here are my suggestions for new students during O-Week:

Market day on Wednesday is the best day of the week to begin your involvement in societies, clubs and sports for the whole year. Head along and sign up for all of the relevant societies and learn about the hundreds of different groups on campus that you never thought would exist.

This sets you up for a whole year of meeting new people inside and outside your area of study and having cool, weird and interesting experiences.

Thursday is shaping up to be a big day for students in the College Engineering and Computer Science. The student societies are co-hosting the Engineering and Science O-Week Backyard BBQ Bash (think sausages, paddle pools, table tennis and drinks) before the College hosts its orientation session at 2pm.

The orientation session is the best way to learn about how the College works and what’s on offer for you (I may or may not have a personal interest in your attendance because I will be speaking there…).

Of course there is a variety of weird and wild events beyond these. From barefoot bowls to a festival on fellows, from board game nights with the Computer Science Students Association, to the huge ANUSA purple haze party on Friday night, there is something for you.

If you’re not overloaded with information, calories and exhaustion at the end of O-Week, then you’re doing it wrong!

My final point is the most important - don't let the fun stop at O-Week! It’s there to prepare you for the opportunities that will continue through your years at uni. ‘Like’ all the right Facebook pages, read your emails and actually listen to announcements made in lectures, because that’s where you find out about all the opportunities that improve your social and academic pursuits at ANU.

Any questions? I’m super happy to talk to existing, new and potential students about ANU, your classes, your degree, anything! I’m ridiculously easy to contact through any of these channels:

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